About the Rexperiement

The Theodore Rexperiment was conceptualised at Badohir’s B&B in Samarqand, Uzbekistan by Javier Toledano Castro, Ana Nuñez, Christopher Sanders, and Douglas Vautour.

Drunk on Baltika 3, the four of them got into a heated debate as to what would be the world’s worst movie. With only post-Soviet dial up to guide them, they never came to a final answer… but they did stumble upon something wondrous. All four of them had seen Theodore Rex, an obscure 80s film. They argued its merits and flaws until the wee hours and until they eventually parted, travelling to varied lands more well-known.

The quality and nature of this production was so… elusive of description, they decided it must be something that only the top world’s experts could decide upon. They proposed an experiment, requiring the greatest minds in this series of tubes.

Have you received a movie disc? Then you have the power to add your words to the cause. View the movie, post a review, pass along the disc, and let your voice be heard.

The Theodore Rexperiment October 17, 2013

(Seriously, the above is all true.)

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