Are you Rexperienced?

Welcome to the Theodore Rexperiment, a living, evolving review of the movie Theodore Rex, starring Whoopi Goldberg and her partner in crime, Theodore Rex.

If you’re here, then you must be one of two people.

1. You’re some sort of weirdo looking for the movie Theodore Rex. You’re weird. Don’t worry, we like you, but we just don’t like like you. Feel free to drop a comment or ask a question!

2. You’ve received a movie disc. Congratulations! You’re a part of the select few who have been initially selected to watch your movie disc, from beginning to end, and to write a review for the rexperiment. When writing your review please make sure to enter the following:

Name: Any name you want. Doesn’t have to be your real name.

Disc Number: The number on your disk

Location: Where you are on the planet.

Title: The title for your review.

…and then of course your review, in any format you wish!

We wish all users a pleasant visit in the Rexperiment. Just sit back and enjoy the movie!

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